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tapUnit test frameworks are dime-a-dozen. For C programmers, there are libraries like cmocha and cunit. When we first  developed the sxe project at Sophos, about 5 years ago, the choices were much more limited. Most of the alternatives, like cppunit, required working in C++. But a few members of the team had worked on the Tank project, which used FreeBSD as the operating system and  a FreeBSD library, libtap, for unit tests. We began to use it to test sxe, then enhanced it to make testing event driven software a lot easier.

libtap version 2 has long been available on (as libtap2), and, as part of sxe on Yesterday, I took the latest version from sxe and got it building as a stand-alone library on Linux with baker (also available on You can  get it here: I also made an extensive update to the documentation, which is available on the project wiki:

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