Review of “The Seeker”

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The Seeker is a fairly typical young adult fantasy movie, based on the novel “Darkness Rising” by Susan Cooper. The hero, Will (Alexander Ludwig), is destined to seek out 6 talismans of the light and use his powers to battle the evil Rider (Christopher “the ninth Doctor” Eccleston), aided by four immortals (Ian “Lovejoy” McShane, Frances Conroy from American Horror Story, James “Lord Commander” Cosmo, and character actor Jim Piddock).

There are many standard fairy tale elements (for example, Will turns out to be the seventh son of a seventh son) mixed in with archetypical elements (temptation by evil, a love triangle, and the redemption of the world by the messiah), but the plot is very predictable, and at least on film, there are no strong characters. It was reasonably entertaining, but will likely be quickly forgotten.

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