URL Blacklists

URL blacklists are lists of web blacklistsites that contain malware or other dangerous content. Often, URL categorization lists are also referred to as blacklists, though blocking based on category (e.g. porn) is likely to be controlled by policy rather than being unilaterally blocked by your security software.

MESD Blacklist

The MESD blacklist is freely downloadable from the SquidGuard site.

Shalla Secure Services Blacklist

Shalla’s URL blacklist is downloadable from their website and is free for personal use or use by schools or within a company. A license is required to distribute the list or include it in a commercial product.


SquidBlacklist.org requires a paid subscription, and maintains multiple blacklists.


URLBlacklist.com’s blacklist is downloadable, with license required, paid on the honors system.

Additional Resources

Blocklists of Suspected Malicious IPs and URLs – a list of additional sources

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