Review of “Banshee Chapter”

* D

This super low budget film, partially shot inbanshee-chapter the horrible “found footage” style, follows journalist Anne (Katia “Katrina Crane” Winter) as she searches for the cause of her college boyfriend’s disappearance, helped along the way by a Hunter S. Thompson like writer Thomas (Ted Levine). Their search for the source of the mystery drug her friend was experimenting with is intercut with black and white footage from a video tape Anne found in her friend’s house.

There are a few good jump scares, and the film is quite creepy, but despite the decent acting, the low quality and overuse of darkness to cover the details of what is happening, along with a fairly mediocre horror movie plot, made me give this film the dreaded lone star rating. If you’re a huge fan of horror, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, I advise you take a pass on this one.

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