Wikidata Anomalies

I’ve found some interesting anomalies in the latest wikidata dump (from 2016-02-15). There are two properties referenced by objects that are not defined. The numbers in parentheses are the line numbers of the objects in the dump that reference the non existent properties:

error: data/20160215.json(4749043): Property ‘P2534’ not in map
error: data/20160215.json(18572956): Property ‘P133’ not in map

If you search wikidata, you can find definitions, but the first one was not included in the dump, and the second one is an item, not a property.

There are also 8 classes that have no label in any language. If you search for these items in wikimedia, they legitimately have no label:

error: data/20160215.json(5009021): Class Q22683551 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(14649844): Class Q20921940 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(14649846): Class Q20921945 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(14888257): Class Q21943977 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(15232932): Class Q616419 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(18421017): Class Q15139360 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(19244415): Class Q19043939 has no label
error: data/20160215.json(19670270): Class Q20909920 has no label


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2 Responses to Wikidata Anomalies

  1. addshore says:

    P2534 was created on the day that the dump was taken.
    It may be possible that the sharding of the dump creation meant that all properties were dumped prior to the creation of this property, but the property was then used on some items before those items were dumped.

    As for P133 I am slightly confused.
    This property was deleted in 2014 and should not be in the dumps.
    But then you have linked to the item with the label P133?
    Might your code be confusing properties and items here?

    • jimbelton says:

      Thanks for the comment, Adam. There could well be a bug in the extractor (also, it’s been enhanced since I wrote this post). At some point, I’ll grab a new dump and rerun. At the moment, I’m hacking a Kivy app to browse and back end code to package all the books in Wikidata. Check out the github project for all the latest code:

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