Book Review: “The Art of the Deal”

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With all the coverage of Donald Trump in the mediaart-of-the-deal, I thought I’d read his business book, “The Art of the Deal”. The book is very anecdotal, covering many projects he’s worked on, from buildings in Manhattan to casino’s in Atlantic City, and even the public skating rink in Central Park. He focuses on the tactics and approach he uses to make deals. The book was a surprisingly interesting read. I skipped the chapter on the USFL, but may go back and read it later.

I’ll try to summarize my impressions of Trump’s approach to business. Please let me know in the comments if you disagree with my assessment:

  1. Trump is very driven, but adapts his path forward to the circumstances
  2. He always tries to keep multiple options open
  3. He’s ambitious, but plans for success; i.e. he’s not blindly ambitious
  4. He’s very flexible, and can work with other businessmen, the government, and media, but if they violate his trust, he will defend himself vigorously

I challenge you to read this book and continue to believe that this man is a fool. As Jim Collins found, great companies find one simple thing that they are really good at, love to do, and can make money doing, and do it over and over again. Collins calls this “the hedgehog concept”. Trump’s hedgehog concept is to be the best at making deals.

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