Review of “MI-5” (the movie)

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Kit “John Snow” Harrington stars as Will Holloway, MI-5a former MI-5 agent recruited by the agency to search for his former superior, Harry Pearce (played by Peter Firth, reprising his roll from the British TV series), who has gone rogue after a terrorist being transferred to the CIA escaped on his watch. Pearce believes that the escape was an inside job, and enlists Holloway’s aid to uncover the traitor in MI-5, no matter the cost.

With great acting, a believable plot with plenty of intriguing twists and turns, and a villain who is evil, wanting to kill innocent women and children, yet at the same time believably considers himself to be righteous, this is one of the best espionage thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. Kit Harrington proves his acting chops, creating a believable three dimensional character, tortured by the death of his father, who was also and agent who worked for Pearce. I haven’t watch the TV series, yet had no problem watching the movie.

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