Review of “The Prince”

* D

What would happen if John Wick had a daughter, and she was Taken? That’s the premise of this dull derivative action flick. The cinematography and fight choreography are bad and boring (unlike those in John Wick, which were both excellent), and the writing The-Princeand acting of star Jason Patrick are terrible and bland (unlike Luc Besan’s writing and Liam Neeson’s acting in Taken).

Newcomer Jessica Lowndes (a fellow Vancouverite) gives a slightly wooden performance as love interest Angela (though in fairness, the writing doesn’t give her a lot to work with). She is Patrick’s character Paul’s daughter’s friend, yet she has a couple of scenes were she comes on to him. Unfortunately, director Brian Miller does nothing with this potentially interesting (though creepy) twist, having Paul ignore her advances. Supporting actors Bruce Willis and John Cusack (either of whom would have been a better choice for the lead role) are similarly wasted.

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