Review of “The Fantastic Four” (2015)

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Guys, if you’re going to reboot a franchise, you have to do it right. Corny CGI Hulk replaced by Ed Norton Hulk: yes. Disappointing X-Men 3 and Wolverine Originfantastic-fours followed by a prequel that gives a new origin story: yes. Star Trek Nemesis (who farted?) followed by a retcon AU (alternate universe): yes. Shitty invisible car Bond followed by gritty remake of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale: yes. Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer followed by this retelling of the first Fantastic Four film: no.

How did it fail? First, it was dull. Second, in all cases, the original actors were better. Bringing in Sue and Johnny’s dad and making the Four “teens” made especially Reid less believable, and Papa Storm added nothing and took screen time away from the Four. Adding a second villain, a sort of typical corporate/government prick card-board cut out played by Tim Blake Nelson (who played Mr. Blue in the Hulk reboot) only weakened Von Doom. And finally, the costume for the Thing was much less emotionally expressive. Also, the humor of the original (Keep runnin’, Boo Boo!) was gone.

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