Pool Upkeep

Here’s the upkeep process for our pool:

  1. Turn off the pump; the switch is on the right at the bottom.
  2. Turn the valve on top of the sand filter to off.
  3. Turn the red valve on the outflow from the pool horizontal to close it.
  4. Unscrew the top of the cover off the filter basket on the pump intake, turning counterclockwise (warning: it’s tight).
  5. Take out the basket and empty it. Make sure all the goo on the inside is clear by banging it against the pool frame.
  6. Put it back in, notch facing toward the pool outflow, and put the cover back on. Screw on the cover (clockwise), getting it as tight as possible. Make sure the rubber O ring doesn’t fall out of the cover. If it does, push it back into the circular groove in the cover and try again.
  7. Turn the red valve on the outflow vertical to open it.
  8. Take the filter basket out of the skimmer and empty it.
  9. Clean out any needles and dog hair trapped in the plastic teeth at the bottom of the skimmer.
  10. Make sure the skimmer hose is seated on the outflow nozzle.
  11. Put the filter basket back in the skimmer.
  12. Turn the valve on top of the sand filter to backwash.
  13. Turn on the pump. It should start pumping water out of the backwash hose. If not, shut the pump off and make sure the valve on the outflow is open and the valve on the sand filter is set to backwash.
  14. Once water is pumping out of the backwash hose, it should go dark.
  15. Wait around two minute for the water to run clear.
  16. Turn the pump off.
  17. Set the sand filter valve to filter.
  18. Turn the pump back on.
  19. Make sure the skimmer filter basket goes down.
  20. Add about 2 cups of algaecide.
  21. Add a couple of scoops of granulated chlorine.

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  1. Dominika says:

    Nice Instruction. Personally? CANT wait for more good posts like this one. : )

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