Review of “Star Wars: The Phantom Edit”

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phantom-editThis subtly edited version of the Phantom Menace, made by an anonymous Star Wars fan, is a definite improvement on the original. Dozens of small changes tighten the film, and overall it has a more serious tone, and is a better fit with the original Star Wars trilogy. While the Jedi, the Sith, and Queen Amidala are left largely untouched, Anikan is made less childish, Jar Jar far less irksome, and midichlorians are given no more than a passing mention. While I was hoping Jar Jar would be killed off early and removed from the remainder of the movie, I enjoyed this reimagined version a lot.

The Phantom Editor also created an edit of Attack of the Clones, Attack of the Phantom. Both are available from via bittorrent. The Phantom Edit was one of the first fan edits ever created, and has spurred an entire movement. There are many fan edits of the Revenge of the Sith. I like Dark Force Rising by Kerr. For more information about fan edits, visit

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