Wikidata JSON Dump File Format

Data dumps files:

  1. Weekly dumps of the entire Wikidata database can be downloaded from
  2. JSON (javascript object notation) is the recommended format
  3. JSON dump files are named YYYYMMDD.json

File format:

  • The file is encoded as a single list (i.e. a sequence of elements between the characters [ and ])
  • The brackets have their own lines in the file
  • Every other line holds a packed JSON encoded object.

There are two types of JSON objects:

  1. Items (e.g. universe, happiness, Jack Bauer, etc.)
  2. Properties (e.g. father, instance of, employer, etc.)

Both types have these common elements:

  • id: “Q###” for items, “P###” for properties
  • type: “item” or “property”
  • labels: name of the item or property in different languages
  • descriptions: description in different languages
  • aliases: lists of aliases in different languages
  • claims: statements, groups by property
  • sitelinks: links to pages on different sites describing the item
  • lastrevid: The JSON document’s MediaWiki revision ID
  • modified: The JSON document’s publication date

To look up an id, browse to (or P###)

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