Interesting Environmentally Friendly Company: EnviroFlight

From the description of a talk given by their founder:

“EnviroFlight is a company whose mission is to develop sustainable animal and plant nutrients using regionally available, low-value materials, emphasizing production of nutrients in a socially responsible way; eliminate toxins, hormones, and antibiotics from our food supply; and reduce the environmental and financial costs to our food supply.  He developed the technology to mass rear black soldier fly (Stratiomyidae: Hermetia illucens) for use in this process.
EnviroFlight uses the by-product from breweries, ethanol production, and pre-consumer food waste as a feedstock. The fly larvae bioconvert the material and the resulting frass ­ the waste product created by insects after digesting the feedstock ­ becomes a high protein, low fat feedstuff for omnivorous species such as tilapia, freshwater prawns, catfish. Another important point is that the frass is beneficial as a natural, animal-safe fertilizer where the N-P-K value (nitrogen – phosphorous – potassium) level is 5% – 3% – 2%, and as such is ideal for vegetable growth.  The EnviroFlight process prevents ammonia creation in the frass by stabilizing the material immediately after the insect larvae consume the feedstock. This keeps the nitrogen fixed and eliminates odor; it also mitigates the formation of molds and mycotoxins.
Mature larvae are used as a high protein, high fat ingredient for carnivorous fish including rainbow trout, perch, bass, and bluegill. The larvae are cooked, dried and converted into a meal that is 40% protein and 46% fat. The oils can be extracted which boosts the protein content to 60%. EnviroFlight is currently producing and testing aquaculture insect meal as a fish meal replacement. EnviroFlight has developed and tested a number of feed formulations using insect meal and other locally available ingredients for complete diets for multiple species of fish.”

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2 Responses to Interesting Environmentally Friendly Company: EnviroFlight

  1. Jean says:

     ( 2012.03.6 09:20 ) : Passion is wh2#1t8a&7;s missing in a great deal within the on the web written content I study these days. Your write-up consists of the optimal mixture of creating eagerness and well-written materials and I am impressed.

    • jimbelton says:

      Thanks for your kind words. This particular post was indeed a case of running across something I found really interesting and hadn’t heard about anywhere else.

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