Review of “Snowpiercer”

* D

I was excited to watch “Snowpiercer”, since it’s science fiction and was as highly rated as the excellent film “Edge of Tomorrow”. Then I watched it. The excellent cast, including Chris “Cap” Evans, John “Chest Burst” Hurt, and Ed “Bud” Harris, could not overcome the challenge of yet another poorly written kick at the “Generation Ship” can. It was better than “Pandorum”, but most of its original elements made no sense. Example: The snow piercer takes a year to circumnavigate the globe, but at the rate it’s going, it should be able to keep up with the sun, which would actually have made more sense (day is warmer than night, right?). I’m hoping the new Mad Max movie will be better.

Note: I originally gave this film one and a half stars. I’ve decided that was a cop out, and forced myself to choose one or the other, so a film that others have given as many as four stars gets what I think it deserves: one

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